030 Seconds (English version) (FULL!)

The zoom links for thursday night are:
Room 1:https://zoom.us/j/142146911?pwd=YysvL2ZHMmx1dFJsNUlodVovcng0dz09

Room 2:https://zoom.us/j/686523390?pwd=M0licjlpaEZTRXZBUU9qTk1mV0pxdz09

SORRY! Due to crazy demand, we are already playing with two groups tonight! That also means that you can’t sign up anymore!

Done with skype? Watched everything available on Netflix? Missing the city? Open your laptop and challenge other Utreggers to a game of 030seconds! Play online and maybe even win a prize with which you’re also supporting your favourite coffee places!

Fuck, the country is slowly shutting down and half of the Netherlands is bored at home, while entrepreneurs are slowly going out of business. Also our Utrecht is suffering, which means we need to take initiative! With 030seconds we will try to solve two problems at once. How? By organising an online (0)30seconds-tournament in our own town!

You’re probably also at home most of the time now, missing (besides your fam, friends, and freedom) the city. Just being with other people, laughing, and hanging out at a bar. Thank god for skype and facetime and all that, but you’re probably seeing the same faces constantly now, so time for something new!

From Tuesday 24th until Friday 27th of March (20.00h) we are organising one 030seconds game each night through Zoom. You can sign up through the form at the bottom of this page. All players will be put in a team of three players. Every night the winning team will get a nice reward: when the Corona measures are over, they can get free coffee and cake at a local coffee place in Utrecht.

We are collaborating with 4 amazing coffee places in Utrecht: BlackBird Coffee, 30ml, Rose & Vanilla, and Muzieklokaal. We have already bought a voucher for drinks and cake which can be used by the players of the winning team. This way you can meet your fellow players in real life! Everyday we put one of the coffee places in the spotlight to help them through these tough times!

Joining is super easy, just join for one evening (or more if you’re feeling it). Sign up through the form at the bottom of the page, download Zoom on your phone or computer (here) and pour yourself something nice to drink. The rest is self-explanatory. After you sign up, you’ll receive an email with more information. You can join by yourself, or with your friends. If you join with your friends, make sure you each use your own phone or computer.

Rules of the game
Not unimportant: The rules of the game! Read them before the game night, they’re very simple. The team that is the first to get to the finish, wins the game. The teams can get to the finish by guessing names that one of their fellow team members describes. You need to try to guess as many names as you can within 45 seconds (No not 30, although this sounds catchy, we think its too short for this online version of the game.) You will get the specific rules by mail once you sign up!

Sign up here:
(We use your data only for your participation in 030Seconds. By signing up, you’re agreeing to the privacy policy of STAD)

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